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IT is nowadays everywhere and will expand further in the future. As an ICT professional, you are changing the world and creating your own community – your own tribe – which gathers around Talentum's services and products. An example of this is the Tivi community, which consists of the magazine, the online service and events. Join and stay – network and develop your career.

Management, supervisory work and HR

There is no business without people – and no profitable business without good people. From Talentum's extensive product range, you can get everything you need to manage and develop the company's most important capital, i.e. people, and also in relation to employment law. Acquire information from magazines, books, events, training or online services.

Marketing, sales and communications

There is no business without skilled marketing, sales and communications. When marketing integration and digitalisation trouble you, when you need incentives and networking or when you think about how to boost sales, Talentum has the best tools for you: the number one magazine in the field, books, training, events and more...

Financial management and taxation

Wise financial and fiscal planning creates opportunities for the business to fare well under all circumstances. Financial management and taxation professional: your contribution as the person in charge of the company's cash flows is vital. Talentum's magazines tell first-hand what is going on in the field. Online contents such as Economy Fokus and Taxation Fokus and topical seminars deepen your know-how and update your knowledge.

Industry and construction

Industry is the cornerstone of Finland's economy. As an industry and construction professional, plenty of different magazines, online contents and events are available to you. Utilize them individually or as a whole. For example, channels of the Summa service help create a view of the movements of different branches in the field: energy, traffic, basic industry, construction and environment.

Health care

Health care professionals take care of the well-being of the nation's single production units, i.e. people. As a health care professional, Mediuutiset news magazine is available to you both in print and online. Furthermore, we offer you many quality events and training opportunities.